September 10th, 2017: Saving The World

Main Thing: God's Church Is Built When We Accomplish Our Mission


September 17th, 2017: The Servant

Main Thing: Become Great By Becoming The Least


September 24th, 2017: Love One Another

Main Thing: Love One Another


October 1st, 2017: I Am The Way

Main Thing: There Are No Other Options: Jesus Is The Only Way


October 8th, 2017: You Will Do What I've Been Doing

Main Thing: Followers of Jesus Do Exactly What Jesus Himself Did


October 15th, 2017: The Gift of The Holy Spirit

Main Thing: The Holy Spirit Empowers All Believers To Do What Jesus Did


October 22nd, 2017: You Will Bear Much Fruit

Main Thing: Christ Connects Us To God, Empowering Us To Live As He Lived


October 29th, 2017: Love In A World That Hates You

Main Thing: You Are Called To Love A World That Hates You


November 5th, 2017: Three Roles of The Holy Spirit

Main Thing: The Holy Spirit Reaches The Lost, Points To Jesus, And Ensures Our Future


November 12th, 2017: What Jesus Asks God For

Main Thing: Jesus Cares Enough To Pray For Us


November 19th, 2017: Adoption Is The Primary Work of God

Main Thing: Now Do You Believe


November 26th, 2017: When Following Jesus Is Hard

Main Thing: Fear Cannot Coexist With Faith


December 3rd, 2017: God On Trial

Main Thing: Don't Let Emotion Overpower Truth