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September 12th, 2021: The Spirit of The Age - Disengagement


September 19th, 2021: The Gospel and Gun Ownership

Main Thing: When Power is Out of Balance, There is Violence; When Power is in Balance, There Is Peace

September 26th, 2021: Why I No Longer Support Abortion

Main Thing: We Are Never In The Wrong When We Choose Life

October 3rd, 2021: Who Is Raising The Next Generation?

Main Thing: Only Fools Would Allow Their Enemies to Educate Their Children

October 10th, 2021: One Nation Under God

Main Thing: A People Who Forget Their Past Have No Future

October 17th, 2021: The Daniel Option

Main Thing: Conforming To A Sick Culture Is To Be Sick

October 24th, 2021: The Least of These

Main Thing: If We Aren’t Careful, We Will Create More Poverty Trying To Solve It.