Revelation sermon series at Catalyst Christian Church



November 7th, 2021: To The Churches

Main Thing: A Call To Stand Firm

November 14th, 2021: Round One

Main Thing: God's Judgments On An Unrepentant Society Begin

November 21st, 2021: Round Two

Main Thing: God’s Judgments Increase In Severity

November 28th, 2021: A Match Made In Hell

Main Thing: The Antichrist and the False Prophet Deceive the Earth With The Mark of The Beast

December 5th, 2021: Round Three

Main Thing: God Gives One Last Chance For People To Turn To Him

December 19th, 2021: The Return of Christ

Main Thing: The Second Greatest Day In The History Of The World

December 26th, 2021: Back To The Garden of Eden

Main Thing: The Entire Story of God is Fulfilled