Seven Habits of a God First Christian Sermon Series



November 6th, 2022: Your Body Is God's Temple

November 13th, 2022: Habit One - Faith

Main Thing: Faith And Worry Cannot Coexist - One Will Defeat The Other

November 20th, 2022: Habit Two - Goodness

Main Thing: When Christians Compromise With The World, They Find Out The World Doesn't Return The Favor

November 27th, 2022: Habit Three - Knowledge

Main Thing: One Of Satan’s Greatest Victories Has Been Keeping The Church Ignorant Of God’s Word

December 4th, 2022: Habit Four - Self-Control

Main Thing: Christians Cannot Be Tempted By That Which They Do Not Deserve

December 11th, 2022: Habit Five - Perseverence in Godliness

Main Thing: The God-First Christian Always Asks "What Would Jesus Do?"

December 25th, 2022: Habit Seven - Love

Main Thing: Love Is A Decision, Not An Emotion