Hey everyone- We’re very happy to announce that this weekend we will begin our reopening by going to Phase One. We have always been a church of community groups, and so this Sunday, we are recommending community groups get together on Sunday mornings and watch the online service together. Then, please have a meal together and fellowship. Recommendations are for gatherings of a maximum of ten.

Please observe the following commonsense precautions:
1) If you’re sick, stay home.
2) Wash your hands.
3) Take your temperature- if you have a fever, stay home.

Then, weather permitting, we will have an all-church meeting at Mike and April Maggard’s farm in Garrard County. We will be outside. Families are encouraged to bring a blanket, chairs, a picnic meal if you want to (no food will be provided). We will have a family worship service outside at their farm with social time afterwards.

We will do this for the next few Sundays. Phase Two will begin soon after, which will be in-person Sunday morning services.

Everyone has different opinions as to what we should, and everyone is entitled to them. The main thing through all of this reopening is this: DO WHAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

Don’t allow yourself to be pressured one way or the other. There are many of you who are ready to attend in-person services right now. There are many of you who don’t feel comfortable doing that. Both are okay- we all have to do what we believe to be best for ourselves.

We are far more concerned with division and ugliness within the church than we are about getting sick. The people who feel comfortable getting out and meeting- you all make sure that you don’t look down on the ones who prefer to stay home. We don’t want to hear, “Well, they just have a lack of faith or they are living in fear” or any of that nonsense. The people who prefer to stay home- you all make sure that you all don’t judge the ones ready to get out. We don’t want to hear, “You all don’t care about people, you just want people to die!”

We’ve heard both statements from both camps. Neither is true. People, let’s show grace towards everyone. There is no need for division within the body of Christ on this issue. Every person must make up his or her own mind as to what is best for him or her. Let’s respect each other and respect each other’s decisions without judgment.

We are excited that we are beginning the process of re-opening. Other churches will do things differently than us. That’s okay. Good for them and God bless them. We will do what is right for us. The staff and elders have met and prayed and thought and pondered and put many hours into our plan to reopen, and we believe it to be not only what is best for us as a church but also inspired by the Holy Spirit. We said from the beginning that we would use both wisdom and faith in making our decisions. We believe we’ve done that.

So, meet with your community groups this weekend for church! If you don’t have a community group, call someone and invite them over. Better yet, if you know of someone who doesn’t have a community group, invite them to yours! Let’s begin getting back into each others’ lives and being the Body of Christ. All are invited (weather permitting) to the Maggard’s farm at 4 pm Sunday for an all-church gathering.

May God bless you and keep you. Love you all!