At Catalyst, we have committed to fighting 5 different battles that define who we are as a church.

1. We want to reach the family through reaching men.

Studies show that women outnumber men in church 2 or 3 to 1. When the man of the house commits his life to Christ, the rest of the family follows about 90% of the time. By creating an atmosphere that men are comfortable being in, we will reach the family while encouraging the man to follow Christ to the utmost of his ability.

2. We want to grow by reaching people that are not currently part of a church.

In our community, around 70% of our neighbors stay home on Sunday morning. It is our goal to grow through reaching them and connecting them to Jesus Christ, encouraging them to take an active role at Catalyst.

3. We want to increasingly commit to unity.

We experience enough drama in the workplace and at school. The church should be a place where there is unity. While there may be disagreements, former President Reagan’s policy could not be more appropriate: “We are all friends after 6:00.” A unified church, centered on a unified mission, is a great place to be.

4. We want to embrace simplicity.

As we grow, we will strive to keep things simple. The message of Christ is simple, and sometimes we make it too complex to understand. We focus on following Jesus, and the rest is simply details.

5. We want to persevere through losses and discouragement.

It is okay to fail; it is not okay to quit. At Catalyst, we will press on through opposition, hard times, and losses whenever they occur. Perseverance and tenacity are essential to the Christian life, and they are essential parts of a church that wants to accomplish Christ’s mission on this earth.