Dear Church Family-
Back in March, we stopped in-person Sunday morning services and went fully online in response to the Covid19 pandemic. Several churches went to court and won the right to resume in-person worship starting May 31st (if I recall).

We did not immediately resume. The elders and staff decided to take our time, pray about it, and make the best decision for our church. We refused to be pressured into anything, whether to resume or to stay closed. We took our time and made what we believed to be the best decision for us.

Upon deciding to resume services on June 14, we made a statement to the community that we believed everyone to be adults and therefore capable of making the best decision for you and your families. We would resume in-person services but would continue to offer services online. We stated that we respected every person’s individual decision and that everyone would need to decide for him or herself what was best for them personally- whether to join in-person or online.

In order to make our in-person worship service as safe as possible, we have done many things:
1) We started contactless communion and offering
2) We stopped the coffee ministry
3) We stopped the greeting time (our introvert friends REALLY appreciated that one)
4) We encouraged those who wanted to wear masks to wear masks
5) We removed several rows of seats so we could sit further apart during worship
6) We asked parents to take temperatures of their children before putting them in children’s ministry
7) We asked that if you felt sick, stay home.

We believe the decision of how and where to worship is an individual one and one that is made best by the person. We still believe that today.

Therefore, we will continue that policy for the foreseeable future. Obviously that policy is subject to change as new information comes along and we will make adjustments accordingly.

We do acknowledge that cases of Covid 19 in Kentucky are rising and we ask everyone to be careful. If you do not feel comfortable with in-person worship, that is no problem at all. John Kelley and his team have done countless hours of research and invested in state of the art equipment so that we can bring you as high quality an online experience as we can. That’s what it’s there for and we encourage you to take full advantage of it. If you are comfortable with in-person services, our doors are open.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Dave. He will be happy to answer any questions he can. We, the elders of Catalyst, love all of you and believe this is the best course of action for our church at this time. May God bless us and continue to protect us as we continue to live out His calling and commands.

God Bless,
Benson Gregory
Tim Wheaton
Marty Allen
Bud Burdette
David Kibler